Spent the day with my friend Greg today (that’s him making his way up the hill to chat with a random sun bather). You may have already seen Greg in a couple of my pictures.  Anyway, the day got off to a rotten start, due to the water in my building being shut off (without warning I might add). I wound up having to buy some of those ‘man wipes’ from the convenience store to give myself a quick rubdown. Nothing like a quick alcohol bath to start the day.

Afterward, I attended a little outdoor BBQ party/picnic alongside Yodo river. It was a little awkward, because my sole purpose for going was to say hello to my co-worker who invited me…..who decided not to show up.

After a very awkward exit, Greg and I grabbed some lunch, then decided to see the movie ‘Terminator 4,’ which was average at best.  No, I take that back.  It was a real turd (sorry mom)! I can only take so many robots/sci-fi nonsense.  Sometimes, I think it is I who is the real alien.  To think that millions of dollars goes into this nonsense is mind numbing.

When I got home, I was delighted to find the water had been turned back on.  There was only one teeny, tiny problem……it had been running full tilt for hours!!!!! I was furious. I thought I had turned the f’n nozzles off when I left, but I was deceived yet again, and when I walked through the front door, I was hit in the face with a jungle-like mist. I couldn’t believe it (still can’t). Small potatoes in the grand scheme of things, I suppose, but it was frustrating. I guess tomorrow’s another day…


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