It’s Sunday….it’s hot….and I’m a little loopy, thanks in no small part to the good ‘Kirin’ beer company. Perhaps that is why I felt it was a good idea to post this picture, which was taken on my walk to work about 3 weeks ago. I had a very grand vision at the time, but it has yet to pan out. I looked up, saw this image unfold in front of me and imagined a humongous spider crawling around town! It was so fantastic in my mind, but without the superimposed spider, it just doesn’t do it, does it? Maybe I’ll get around to it one of these times.

Japan, for whatever reason, is quite found of leaving these wires exposed for all to admire. Frankly, they are, to use one of my old roommate’s phrases, “an eye sore.” After five years however, I hardly notice, but on this particular day, they jumped out at me.


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