And then there was one…again

Camm Hunter Gibson…some know him as ‘Tupac,’ others call him ‘Kakoii,’ but to me, he’s more than that.  At first glance, Camm and I resemble the ‘Odd Couple,’ a pair of unlikely friends.  He, a wild’ish,’ hard drinking, planner.  Me, a controlled, chocolate cookie eating, space cadet.  Look closer though and you’ll find that we share a lot of interests/thoughts.  He appreciates a nice looking lady, as do I (often the same one!), can’t live without sports/activity (my lifeblood) and chokes at the idea of working in a cubicle (no life for me!).  Above all though, Camm “gets me,” and I like to think I get him too.

CammO, there will always be a place for you on my couch; so you can stay awake tossing and turning to your heart’s delight!  I appreciate all the talks we’ve had over the years and am looking forward to our next encounter.  With any luck, it’ll be on your home pitch.

Until then, amigo….


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