I’ve got an idea!

I’m going to write something in here E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y for a undetermined time (if I remember).  I realize   that it won’t be terribly interesting for everyone (though I hope there are some things you can laugh about).  Mostly, I want to do this to bring a little focus into my day-to-day existence; a form of therapy, if you well.  Most of my days of late have mushed together to form one, colossal ball of nothingness.  Sound depressing?  It has been, but rest assured, I don’t plan to stay like this for much longer.

I figure documenting my time will allow me to keep my eye on the prize, metaphorically speaking I mean, as I don’t really have a ‘prize’ in site.  So, with that, I would like to formally announce my new project, “Happy Day-Z.”  Enjoy!


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