There’s no place like home; Christmas in Florida 2009

It’s 5:57am here in Osaka, Japan.  I haven’t slept for 24 hours and counting.  I’m drowning in winter wear, yet I find it uncomfortably cold in my apartment.  Jet lag is rotten…..winter in Osaka, is more so.

I returned from Florida late Sunday nite and was able to get to work on time today; quite an achievement.  I hadn’t worked for a month (which I highly recommend, incidentally) and to be quite honest, I wasn’t exactly chomping at the bit to assume my post.  Now alone in my humble abode, I can reminisce a little about my trip.  It did not start off smoothly.

Two days before I left, I was searching the internet for ideas on how to avoid the aforementioned, dredded jet-lag and came across an article written by someone from “Today Travel.”  Here it is, if you are interested:

I followed the writer’s advice verbatim….almost (I was too hungry to skip the in-flight food)….I wound up catching a cold two days after I landed that kept me down about a week.  In retrospect, being laid up gave me an excuse to soak in all the ridiculous, but entertaining ‘art’ on American T.V. (“Jersey Shore” anyone?)  Anyway, should you ever pass this traveling clown on the street, do knee him in the groin for me, or, if you aren’t the violent type, a little hate mail never hurts.  After my experience I have developed what I think may a real breakthrough in the scientific community!  My new philosophy?  If you’re tired, sleep!  If you’re hungry, eat!  Oh, and drink lots of water (but not from the airline, as it tends to carry lots of exotic bacteria).  Sounds simple enough.

My last words for my co-workers in Japan before I left for home?….”Sayonara, suckers!!!  I’ll write you from sunshine(Y) Florida!!”  Okay, I didn’t actually say that, but that’s what I was thinking.  Little did I know that Florida would experience it’s coldest winter in 50 years…..perfect timing.  After I started getting over MY cold, the weather wasn’t so didn’t bother me so much.  The good part about modern American homes is that they are well insulate.  In Japan, my apartment often seems colder than it does outside.

In addition to my prolonged jet-lag, the freak weather pattern and catching a cold, I had to field a lot of “what are your plans?”  This happens every time I go home and it turns my mind into a perfect mess.  What exactly am I doing in Japan?  Should I stick around or go?  It can be overwhelming at times, but I know many people have their own questions to deal with and in a small, petty way, that makes me feel better.  If anyone reads this and is worried that their life is not going “according to plan,” rest assured that you are not alone and that things will work out if you let them.  Blaze your own path and trust yourself… one knows you better!(JoeFucious, 2010)

After reading all this, it probably seems like I had a miserable time, but I didn’t.  In fact, I had a wonderful trip.  There weren’t many ‘wow’ moments, but I was able to do what I came to do, namely, spend some quality time with my family.  I was also able to see Big John, Lil Rene (thanks for coming up guys!) and “The General,” which is always great; mission accomplished.

A healthy and happy New Year to all of you!


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