‘Art with Arts’

‘Pepe Le Pew,” a.k.a. “Christophe Arts” and I spent most of the day in Kobe, which is just west of Osaka. The original plan was to head south to a mountain neither of us had been to yet, but, as per norm, the only thing that went south was the plan. I wasn’t too hurt though. Despite lugging around a bag full of mountain gear I no longer needed, I had a really pleasant day. We went to the harbor to have lunch, but it didn’t look so appetizing, so we made the trek to my favorite Indian restaurant near ‘Chinatown.’ A HUGE portion it was!

After that, we made our way towards a sake (rice wine) brewery, but because of a rotten map and Christophe’s misjudgment (I don’t mind blaming him), we landed in front of the Hyogo Prefectural Art Museum. Since it was getting late, we decided to check it out rather than continue searching for the brewery. I’m not much of a painting/sculpture guy, but for 250yen, we were able to spend two hours in a well air conditioned room and see some nice art to boot; all in all, not a bad deal. This photo was taken outside the structure.


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