The early bird may get the worm, but he also hits the wall by noon

“Cause’ wakin up is hard to dOooooo.”  I started the practice of rising at 5:30am when I got back from the U.S. in hopes of being more productive.  Prior to that, I was waking up around 7am, which gave me just enough time to get ready and go.  I am not going to lie to you…an hour and a half makes a BIG difference…in a bad way.  I try to make up for it on the other end though by going to bed around 10:30pm, but knowing that the alarm will go off when it’s still dark does something diabolical to the brain.  When I first made the change I was feeling anxious before bed every nite.  I’d lay down, close my eyes and try to will myself to sleep, so that I might get my required 7.5.  I was my own parent for a while, demanding myself to “go to bed!”

Over time though, three weeks or thereabouts, I got over the negative bedtime ritual and, while I still don’t look forward to waking up early, I don’t dread it as much as I did.  And, you want to know something else?  Once the caffeine starts coursing through my veins, I am happy to be awake.  I get my exercise in, take a shower and eat my morning oatmeal; simple, but satisfying.  If I’m really rolling, I’ll get some laundry done, or take care of some other neglected chore.  The one drawback to my new routine is that, since breaking my drip coffee pot a month ago, I have been swinging by the ol’ STAR BUCKS on my way to work.  Three hundred and forty yen for a tall size of “kiyo-no-cohee” (coffee of the day) equals out to about $3.78 x 5 = $18.90 x 4 = $75.60!!!!!?  Holly crud!  I hadn’t worked that out until now. (><)/

Help is on the way.  My mom sent me a French Press (thank you!!) that I will be taking full advantage of.  No coffee, no waking up early; I think it’s reasonable.


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