Happy Valentine’s Day(?)….Humbug

Ahhhh, Valentine’s Day.  Personally, I have always loathed this day, irregardless of whether I was dating someone or not.  In fact, it may even be worse when you are with someone (at least from the male’s perspective).  Why?  Well, for one, expectations are high and people  usually feel obligated to do something ‘special’ for that someone in their life whom they may, or may not, feel strongly for (and what of the remaining 364 days?).

There are the usual suspects of chocolate, flowers and perfume (“didn’t I get her those last year?”).  And, should one decide to take their ‘snooke’ms’ out to that “secret little fondue place downtown,” they can expect to share their quaint, romantic evening with the 83 other couples who had the same bright idea.  I don’t get it and maybe that’s a good thing.

In spite of my feelings toward this ‘holiday,’ I do hope you all had a wonderful time.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

*(This photo was taken five years ago in downtown Osaka.  I was waiting for the right opportunity to share it)


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