Rollin’ Stone

I’m stalling.  By this time tomorrow I’ll have started the move into my new apartment and I’m writing this instead of packing.  I believe this is my tenth, yes 10th, apartment in just under six years; quite a feat, I think.  I’m sure most people think I’m crazy, but I really don’t mind moving.  Perhaps if I owned a home I would feel differently, but an apartment  is really no big deal.  Actually, I kind of enjoy it.  It feels fresh, even if it is in the same city.  If gives me the opportunity to ‘trim the fat,’ so to speak and get rid of anything that is not contributing to my well being and/or happiness.  Unworn clothing, bulky furniture, read books (some)…farewell!  I like things streamlined…efficient.  Otherwise, I feel burdened and a little anxious.  Maybe that isn’t the best word for how I feel, anxious I mean.  Heavy might be a better choice.

Looking down at all of the crap I’ve accumulated (probably far less than most people) over the past year, I feel uneasy.  Not like I’m going to heave or anything, but as if I let myself down.  How did I let all this junk pile up?  Madness.

Anyway, I hope to have some new pictures up of the new place as soon as I get settled in.

Until then…

*(This photo was taken close to the place I’m moving into)


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