Humpty Dumpty Human

I experienced an exorcism last nite and it wasn’t pretty.  On the way home from work yesterday, a few co-workers and I decided to stop in a ‘curry and rice’ shop, Japan’s answer to Indian curry.  Normally I am a huge fan, but something just didn’t taste right with my dish and I struggled through it.  I basically scraped the plate clean though, which is really disturbing considering that I didn’t like it at all; old habits die hard.

When I got home I was feeling pretty nasty and, after a shower, decided to go to bed (it was around 9;40pm).  At exactly 12am, just like in the old fairy tales, my dream was over.  My stomach gave me “the” signal to hit the rest room…and fast!  I had the ‘chills’ all nite and heaved up my very soul in order to rid myself of that awe-full curry.

It’s amazing how fragile we humans are.  Two days ago I was full of youthful vigor and then, just like that, I was a shivering mess.  To compound matters, I just moved some of my things to the new apartment, which, while nice, reeks of fresh paint and just feels a little odd.  It may be due to my present condition, but this move may have been a mistake.

I apologize for the sour note.  It has not been a pleasant 24 hours.  I will end with something I was telling my good friend, Russell recently.  Health is by no means guaranteed, so when you are feeling ‘normal,’ consider yourself lucky and milk it for all it’s worth; tomorrow is not promised to us.

*(A picture of curry and rice, though not “THE” curry and rice that gave me food poisoning (><)


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