A while back, my buddy Greg asked me to write, in 200 words, what I think constitutes a ‘good life.’   I haven’t a clue, but I’ll give it a shot.  Greg, this one’s for you.

Honesty is deeply important to me.  I don’t just mean being honest with others, but with myself as well.  When we aren’t true to ourselves, nothing meaningful happens.  We can pretend for a while, often convincingly, but eventually the facade will fade and then what?  Why not be the best YOU instead of being an imitation of someone else?

We are meant to move our bodies and move them often.  There is so much we are capable of.  The body and mind are interdependent.  When I am not active, my mind atrophies with my muscles (what’s left of them).  In a sense, it’s an insult to the ill or disabled to not live a healthy, vigorous lifestyle.

Lastly, we should give more to those we care for and less to those we don’t.  When we fall, and we will ALL fall, our true friends and loved ones will be there to help while the rest of the world moves on.  In someone’s eyes, we are more than a man.
*(Greg and I on the set of a Japanese movie.  We are playing German POW…s)


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