Essential Reading

I was surveying the English section of the book store the other day and came across this little gem under the ‘Japan’ category.  If you ever want a good, cheap laugh, have a look inside one of these books.  Some of the the inventions are absolutely hysterical.

Have you ever thought about inventing something?  It’s hard to believe some of the garbage that’s made millions; a ‘pet rock!!?’  It’ll make you ill if you really think about it.

I can’t recall them now (convenient),  but I feel like I have had a few good ideas over the years.  While not necessarily useful, I thought they were entertaining at the time.  If I remember some of them, I’ll write them down so you can make millions for yourself.

Well, I’ve got to get going.  An open invitation for any budding inventors out there:  if you can figure out a way for me to stop going to work, but still get paid in full, I will send you your own, signed copy of “UNUSELESS JAPANESE INVENTIONS”…postage free!  The clock is ticking…


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