Meet my new roommate, Pasquale.  Most of the time he keeps to himself, but whenever I’m on the computer, he likes to see what I’m working on and that makes me a little uneasy.  I often wonder what he does in his spare time, of which he appears to have in endless supply.  We have been living in this apartment for about week, but I’m beginning to think he doesn’t work.  A guy with SIX legs without a job?  And, he hasn’t so much as said a single word regarding rent.  At the moment, I am covering the whole lot.  I really want to broach the topic, but since we haven’t known each other all that long, I am hesitant.  One false move this early in the game and Pasquale and I could very well develop into mortal enemies.  I can see it now, Pasquale never coming out from, wherever it is he hides, me picking up extra work to avoid coming home.  It could get messy and speaking of messy, I have something else I need to vent about.

Pasquale is a pig, figuratively speaking.  He is pretty good about cleaning the dishes after he uses them (I have yet to see a dirty glass or plate left behind), but Pasquale often hangs a kind of string like substance that just looks…odd.  We have enough floor space for him to do whatever it is he does, but he seems partial to the corners on the ceiling.  I think about it while I’m at work sometimes and I wonder if he isn’t one of these Halloween freaks you read about?  Come to think of it, maybe he thinks it’s October.  I never see him keep track of time in any way.  That would explain a lot.  It’s probably the reason he just stares at me…in an uncomfortable silence, after I wipe down his strings; like it’s a display of passive aggressiveness.

Aside from those complaints, Pasquale isn’t such a bad roommate.  He’s quiet (eerily so), stays out of the way (unless I’m on the computer) and cleans after himself (except for those strings).  What more could you ask for?


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