‘Second Chances’

To those of you out there who have been inquiring about the blog (both of you), thank you for your patience.  I have not had consistent internet access since I moved into the new place.  As a matter of fact, I still do not have an internet connection in my home, so I am writing this on my computer and will paste it online when I can.

A quick update on ‘Pasqual,’ my EX-roommate.  Since the morning I wrote about him, he has been M.I.A. and I have not been in contact with him in any way….until now that is.  Pasqual set pride aside and made an appearance last week. At first I thought I was seeing things and I rubbed my eyes in disblief, but when I pulled my hands away, he was still there.

Emotions ran high and, though I have no way of confirming this now, I could have sworn I saw a tear in one of his eyes.  A lot has happened since Pasqual went AWOL, so we have much to discuss and, while  I wasn’t happy with how things went the first time around, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t happy to have him back.  After all, even spiders deserve a second chance.

Here is a picture is of my apartment, or at least half of it.


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