Because everyone likes a quiz now and again, try and guess which of the following best describes my new “super power.”

a)  Able to leap buildings in a single bound

b)  X-Ray vision

c)  Faster than a speeding bullet (save your distasteful comments)

d) Ability to not taste and or smell ANYTHING!

Give up?

The answer is d.  Treat yourself to a something salty, sweet, sour, or spicy if you guessed correctly, because I can’t.

Since I have had this cold, or whatever it is, I have lost my sense of smell and taste; I’m talking 100%.  It is completely bizarre and it’s making me a little crazy.  Picture our friend here, minus the muscles, super powers…and NOSE .

I usually have a very sensitive sense of smell.  Years ago I was once dry heaving so badly after my dog, Andy, made a ‘movement’ in our house (he was a puppy), I had to call over my buddy, Roy, to come over and clean it up.  Had I had these new powers now back then (and perhaps a blindfold), I could have saved myself the humiliation of calling in the “Wolf” to clean up my (dog’s) mess.

There are, however, a couple of benefits to my new gift.  For example, I’ve stopped snacking as much because the smell of food no longer entices me.  And I am now able to talk to otherwise nice people I would normally avoid due to bad breath and/or body odor.  Of course, I could have those things myself and wouldn’t even know it, so I guess it goes both ways.

I suppose the point I’m trying to make is this, whatever your super power, embrace it.  Turn your lemons into lemonade!

*I wrote this a couple of days ago.  For better or worse, my senses are back.


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