“Let’s get ready to Rummmmmbllllleeee!”

I had always had a fleeting interest in boxing, (the training, not the part about getting punched in the nose), but never really had the opportunity.  Like most things that have transpired in my life thus far, my finding a boxing gym was completely random.  One of the professors (a fellow American) at the college where I work mentioned, reluctantly I might add, that he lost a lot of weight boxing.  I had a lot of questions for him and before you know it, I too had taken up the sweet science.  I enjoy the fitness aspect, but, as I anticipated, don’t enjoy the bloody nose and lips that come with it.  They take it pretty easy on me most of the time though, so I can’t complain.

In any event, a few weeks back I attended my first professional boxing contest.  My friend and I scored the free tickets from the owner of our boxing gym.  Their were six matches in all that afternoon; three duds and three good ones.  It was all very interesting and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t get the adrenaline kicking a little (there was some talk of me possibly entering an amateur fight down the line), but after a day or two, the feeling faded.  I really don’t think that I love it enough to devote the time to train for it.  Plus, I’d like to keep my own teeth as long as possible.

The picture below is my gym, “Wing” (I have no idea??)


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