Basketball “BlOOpers”

At work today I was asked by some students to join a friendly game of coed, half court basketball.  I wasn’t really in the mood (it’s beginning to get very humid here), but they were short a man, so I obliged.  A girl was guarding me and for most of the game I basically stood around trying to move as little as possible.  My teammates would pass me the ball and I would pass it off to someone else.  I did not want to sweat any more than I had to, but on one possession, I had a sudden urge to dribble my way to the basket.  I got past the first line of defense, weaved my way around what I thought was the last defender, and then left my feet for a routine layup.  Unfortunately, the girl that was marking me earlier happened to be standing in front of the basket.  I really thought she was going to move, but she had other plans.  I jumped into her, she tumbled backwards, twisting face first toward the asphalt, and in desperation, I reached down and grabbed her…BREASTS.  I quickly realized what I’d done, but it was too late in the game to let go, so I just kind lifted her up from behind by her bosom.  It was all pretty embarrassing, but she took it quite well.  Just another day in the life…

*Unfortunately, the girl I ‘saved’ does not, in any way, resemble the girl in this photo.


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