“What’s love got to do with it?”

The answer of course, is everything!  I have been ‘feeling the heat’ lately and it’s not just because of the oppressive, Osaka summer.  Occasionally I come into contact with people who just seem to have it “right.”  They’ve worked out what they want to do in life and then went about their way to accomplish it.  I have experienced that feeling a few times over the years, but not nearly enough.  Those moments where we find ourselves fully invested in worthwhile task are so satisfying.  We feel alert, alive, and full of purpose.  I want that feeling again…badly.

On the bright side, it’s Friday here, which means I will have the next two days off to think more about what I am after.  More often than not, the weekend passes and the only thing I learn (and soon forget) is that staying out all nite does NOT a body good, or a mind for that matter.  This weekend though, I vow to be different.  I say this after already have eaten two bags of Wasabi flavored ‘Kakipi (a Japanese snack featuring peanuts and a kind of rice cracker)’ and a box of Oreos (shameful).  I washed those down with two cans of beer; wonderful.  I’m seriously considering doing tomorrow’s exercises tonite, so I can at least sleep with a semi-clear conscious.

Anyway, if there is something out there that you love, do it!

I took this photograph a couple of nites ago.  I bought the sushi from the supermarket on the way home from work and hadn’t noticed the shape of this particular piece until it was a chopsticks length from my face.


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