Ah, yaki-niku.  One of the more fun, group eating experiences going here.  If you like eating meat…lots of it…yaki-niku is the way to go.  There are grills, plates of raw meat, and a pair of tongs on each table.  It’s always funny to see who takes over the cooking.  When one goes with Japanese people, it’s usually the girls who look after everyone, but when you go with ‘foreigners’ (me and every other non-Japanese), it’s a free for all.

The beer was flowing the night this photo was taken.  My buddy Scott, aka, “The Gazelle,” is to my right.  Scott wound up drifting off about 20 minutes later between eating plates of dead flesh and drinking.  I too had more than my fill of both food and drink and I think a good time was had by all (about 17 of us in total).

After dinner, the group split in half.  The first half went home.  I was part of the second half.  We hit karaoke…the group split again.  One half went home.  Surprise, I was part of the second group.  We hit a dance hall…then we hit the wall.  I walked home, completely exhausted, about 4:30am.  I did not get to bed until 6 and pretty much stayed there for the entire day starring at the ceiling.

*Andrew and Matt ‘Damon’ putting on a show in Karaoke.


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