‘Where art thou sense?’

Surprise, surprise…another all niter.  I spent the better part of Saturday in Namba (the most bustling area of Osaka) with my friends, Andy and Rika, walking around wherever our tired legs carried us.  It was all innocent enough, a little sushi here, a coffee there, window shopping, and finally, the late showing of “Toy Story 3” (a lot of fun, but had to watch it in 3D, because it was the only English option).

{*Quick tangent, I have pretty much had my fill of 3D.  Ever since, “Avatar” earned a gazillion dollars, the powers that be have been pushing 3D at every turn.  It’s a shame my stupid glasses, which simultaneously had been digging into and sliding down my nose the duration of the movie, could not give me a glimpse into what the rest of the nite held}

Where was I?  Oh yes, after the movie another friend, Neil, asked if the three of us wanted to meet for a drink before we all headed home.  Andy and Rika declined (Andy was working the next day and Rika wasn’t wearing make-up), but I had neither of these crutches to lean on, so I agreed to hang out for a bit.  A “bit” turned into SEVEN HOURS, but who’s counting?

At around 1:30am, Neil asked me if I wanted to hit a dance club…I did not, but ‘Jim & Bean’ convinced me otherwise.  Whiskey on the rocks always has a way of nudging one in all the wrong directions.  I had been wearing raggedy clothes all day, an old par of cut-off jeans, a T-shirt two sizes to large for me, and flip flops; not exactly the latest club wear.  There was no way the staff would let me enter the club dressed like this.  Neil’s solution was to head to his house and let me use some of his clothes and a pair of shoes.  At this point in the nite, I thought it sounded like a splendid idea.

We made it to the club with a few hours to play around with and had a good laugh, but I think we both would have survived had we not went in.  After the place closed we grabbed some Ramen noodles at an outside stand and heckled passer byes, all in the name of fun, of course, but no doubt an annoyance to everyone else.  Once Neil and I parted ways, I made the drunk/exhausted ten minute bike ride home and felt the need to stop at a convenient store to pick up a box of “Oreos” and a disgusting, cream filled, chocolate covered doughnut.  I finished them off, took a shower, and went to sleep with all of that poison in my system.  I thought I would sleep until 3pm, but when I opened my eyes it was 9am…good grief. (><)  I have pretty much been awake since that time, save for a short nap.  I will not tell you the junk food I put away while I have been “awake” today, because I don’t want to make myself nauseous.  There has got to be a better way.

*Here is a photo of the club we went to.  It’s called”Giraffe.”    I took it at a previous visit.


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