“What goes up, must come down”

*(Had to wait on the photos, so this is a couple days dated)

It’s Tuesday evening.  I had an extra day off this past weekend on account of “Umi no Hi,” which translates to “Day of the Ocean.”  I really don’t know the meaning behind it, but I am always grateful to take a break from work.  Here is a quick rundown of what transpired over the last three days.

Friday after work I went straight home, drank some beer out of my icy cold mug (I keep one in the freezer) and had three packs too many of those rice crackers and peanuts I enjoy so much.  Around 8:30pm Matt C. came by to watch a Swedish movie called, “Let the Right One In.”  It was without a doubt the best thing I have seen this year and definitely the best vampire movie I’ve come across thus far.  It was very understated, which was a nice change from the usual, in your face, over the top presentation seen in Hollywood films.

On Saturday, I met some friends for lunch at my favorite pizza place in town.

After lunch, my buddy Scott and I went to the ‘Beer Festival,’ which is held once a year in the local sports dome.  In addition to beer from around Japan there were a number of international beers.  Upon entering we were given these small glasses and were able sample as much beer as we wanted withing the four hour limit (more than enough, it turns out).  There were a lot of beers I had never tried, so it was an interesting experience.  One of my favorites was a ‘coffee’ flavored ale from Japan (a lot better than you might think) and a Palestinian pilsner. 

About an hour into it all, Matt C. joined the party and the three of us ran into a group funny gals from Korea who were working and/or studying in Japan.  Once we started talking, we all hung out for the duration of the festival.  Afterward, we went to a bar in a different part of town, and from there, to one of the girl’s house nearby for another drink, some Korean style ramen and….sliced fruit.  It was all pretty random, but a lot fun.  Often, these random deals turn out to be the most memorable.

We parted ways around 10:30pm and I rode my bicycle home, downed a quick protein shake and a banana (which didn’t mix so well with all the booze), then I rode back down to the entertainment district for another round of disco with my friends Andy, Rika, and Neil’sticle. (><)  It wasn’t bad, but to be truthful, after the first hour or so, I wanted to throw in the towel.  Despite this, I stuck around til 3am.

Sunday I met up with my friend Ai, whom I’ve known for some time now.  We hadn’t seen each other in nearly three years because she got had gotten married and I was with Katsuko.  I filled her in on all of my sob stories over a light lunch and then we saw, gulp, “Sex in the City 2.”  I am still recovering from that one.  The theater was wall to wall women with a couple odd, bitter boyfriends thrown in for measure.  The movie was absolutely atrocious, but the girls seemed to be enjoying it.  Wow.

Yesterday, I woke up in a sorry mood, but forced myself to get up and do something.  I washed my clothes and then had coffee with the Brazilian gal I had met at the disco Saturday nite.  Woof, what a story SHE’s got.  I could write a whole other entry on her alone, but I don’t want to depress myself.  She’s funny though, so I don’t mind being friends with her….from a distance. 

After coffee, I met up with Andy and Rika again and had lunch at a Vietnamese place (coincidentally, Katsuko had taken me to the very same spot one of the last times I saw her) and then we joined forces with another buddy, Danard, for a day out at IKEA.  Though I really didn’t do anything, I was beat and a little down by the time we got back.  When I rode my bike home though, I made myself do the exercises I skipped in the morning and felt much better about things, at least for a little while.

I knocked out around 11pm, but woke up around 1:15am and noticed I had a message on my phone…it was from Katsuko.  It was not a happy message, but I asked for it…literally.  She confirmed what I had already suspected, that she was seeing her ex-boyfriend again, the one she broke up with to be with me three years prior.  It’s devastating, but it is completely out of my hands and I have no other choice than to move on.  In her defense, she did not start seeing this creep until after we split up (my God, it’s already been eight months since parted ways!?).  I laid in bed for the next two hours writing, erasing, then re-writing a reply.  Needless to say, I did not sleep well and was not exactly in high spirits today at work.  I guess if we didn’t go through these types of things every now and again, we wouldn’t appreciate the great things we come across, though don’t try telling me that right now.

*(It’s now Thursday nite and, while I am not exactly LOVING life, I do feel a little better than I did the other day, thanks to a nice talk with the woman who has never let me down, my Ma)


2 thoughts on ““What goes up, must come down”

    • Nancy, every now and then I read an old, random post to remember. I came across this one this morning and saw that I never wrote you back, so here you go, four years late. :oD

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