Reach around

'lock out'

It’s not what you think.  Allow me to give you a quick background story.  Yesterday I woke up at 6am and had a very productive morning, disposing of all unnecessary paperwork and cleaning out my e-mail in-box.  I felt good, but then my stomach started growling and I had nothing edible in the house, so I panicked and ate out…and then ate a box of oreos….again; pig. (><)  As you can imagine, this put me in a terrible hole, but luckily it was early enough that I was able to recover.

room with a view

I took a ten minute nap, worked on the computer some more and then decided to head to a park near my home, which was one the best decisions I have ever made.  It was beautiful and breezy.  I laid on a bench and stared into the sky.  Then, I decided to do a bit of exercise out of guilt, and that too helped me feel better.

Tastes like burnt, mapple leaves

I came back home, had a cold “Autumn” beer (Japan LOVES these seasonal marketing ploys), and decided to get some grocery shopping done, so I made my list and went on my way, feeling good after the cold beverage.

I get to the supermarket and realize that I don’t have but 600 yen (about 6$…classic.  I went with the necessities (two boxes of cereal), rode home, and ate my engineered bran flakes with a couple of bananas.

breaking and entering

Now I have to take a shower, so I strip down, chuck my sweaty clothes in the washing machine, put on some music, and head over to the bathroom.  I kind of laugh to myself as I reminisce about the days events and think, and this is 100% true, “you know, today was allll right (in a good way),” and just then, I reach for the door, it closes, and I’m locked out…bare a#* naked!  I had to unscrew the front vent and kick in the second one to get my skinny arm through and unlock the door.  Some things never change.


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