Beer Garden, Ramada Inn

Ramada Inn Rooftop

I nearly named this post “Bottoms up!” and then came to my senses.

Greg there, set up a party for a couple of his business classes and needed another ‘native’ to join.

There are these rooftop ‘beer gardens’ littered throughout the city and I have been to a couple of them, but this was by far the nicest one.  The view was incredible and, though it was a little balmy, the breeze (and cold beer) made it more than bearable.

ol' blue

Greg was a little too tipsy to ride his bike home (that’s it on the left), so I took it to my house instead.  Greg is always going on about how fun biking is.  I never really felt that, but after whipping through the city on this at Mach 4 speeds, I’m a believer!


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