G.I. ‘John’

This photo was taken on the set of a made for T.V. movie (a remake,

2nd Battalion, Low Class

actually) titled, “Nikutai No Mon.”  In the film, I, along with those other three fellows you see, play a ‘John.’

In our big scene, we walk along a riverbank with our respective prostitutes (by shear luck I got the cutest one; left of me in the second photo) and we are told by the director to pretend like we are having a great time, but I wasn’t pretending.

Easy on the Rouge, Philli'pe

Moments later, another ‘pride’ of street walkers approaches (the rival gang, as it were) and the ladies start mixing it up a little, at which point the guys flanking me in the first photo are directed to break up the fight.  Me and the other gentleman are told to sit back and enjoy the spectacle.  It was all quite silly, but a fun experience nonetheless and I was paid a hundred dollars to goof off all day (not unlike my day job, as it were).

my buddy, Sumeet (he's back in India now)

When the movie premiered on television, my friend, Sumeet and I sat in front of the tube in great anticipation.  We didn’t have to wait long, however, because my fifteen seconds of fame were over within the first two minutes.  I never did watch the rest of it.


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