From one zoo to the next

Saturday nite found me in a disco again.  The place’s name, ironically, after having spent the daylite hours at the zoo, was “Giraffe.”   I didn’t go on my own accord however.  I was coerced by my friend, Andy, the birthday boy.  Here he is pretending to enjoy his birthday song, when really, all he wants to do is continue his game of video football.

Andy turned 27 this weekend (he could pass for a high school student) and I was able to join in on this birthday jubilee.  The party started at his house and eventually wound up in “Giraffe.”  I was truly exhausted by the end of the nite (around 3am for me), but I think he a good time, which is all that matters in end.  Here is a short video of Cherokee enjoying a rare club appearance.  He’ll tell you different, but I think he fits in just fine.


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