Rise and Whine

I’ve been waking up earlier now (about 5am) for weeks, but to be honest, there are some days I’d just assume stay in bed.  It’s not the getting up that’s bad, but trying to get to bed early can be tough.

On a positive note, I am really enjoying the peace and quiet it affords. Sometimes, when I’m outside this early, I feel like I’m the last soul on earth; an odd, but calming feeling.  The days also seem a lot longer now and, when I’m focused, a lot more productive.

If you are considering making the jump to early mornings, I highly recommend picking up some decent coffee.  If you don’t drink it now, you may soon change your mind; some mornings, it’s the best friend I’ve got.

Now, get up, greet the sun, and do something that makes you proud!


4 thoughts on “Rise and Whine

  1. I have three alarms set for 5 am and I’ve never gotten up on time. 🙂
    Nice post as always though.

  2. haha I know you aren’t much of a morning person. Read a book recently that said there a lot of it is genetic. AH! Brenda, if you remember, please tell Dad I said Happy Father’s Day! It’s a different day here, so I didn’t know. (><)

    • Gazelle, speaking of “(w)rapping,” after this having survived this week, I think we should put out a record. I’ve already got the named worked out…. “lobotomized!” What do you think? Alright, I’ve just spent my third and final wind for the day…happy Easter!….Stewart, out.

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