Miscellaneous mishaps of the week

My internet has been out for the last few days, so I’m going to go ahead and add that to ‘the list.’  In no particular order, here is some of the nonsense that transpired this past week or so.

that kind of week

1)  I decide on a whim to go to IKEA and pick up a small floor lamp.  There is a shuttle bus that departs near my home, but I have never used it before, so I’m not quite sure where to catch it from.  I walk around in my cut offs and t-shirt for a while asking strangers if they’ve heard of it…they haven’t.  Finally I come across a small, idling bus full of people that appears to be in the same location as the website indicated, so I stick my head in and ask one of the passengers if this was in fact the IKEA shuttle bus.  I’ve been in Japan long enough to know that the Japanese are quite fond of fads, but I thought it odd that everyone was decked out in black given the hot temperature.  When I got my answer to the question though, things became perfectly clear (and uncomfortable)…the nice older lady politely told me that the bus was heading to a funeral…oops.

2)  It’s Monday morning and I’m really not wanting to go to work, only I realize I have to if I want make money, so I go.  I am in a sour mood, it’s hot and I have a good 25 minute walk in the hot sun waiting for me once I get to my final station.  My train arrives, I try to buck up and enjoy listening to my music on the way to work, but when I reach in my pocket for my train ticket, it’s gone.  I plead with the train man at the ticket gate, but all he can muster is a very phony, insincere apology, which only frustrates me more.  I have to pay for the ticket…again.

3)  It’s early morning, I’m at the park exercising on the parallel bars, enjoying the solitude.  A woman enters the park, which is about 70 yards/meters long and 30 yards/meters wide, with her two over sized golden retrievers.  We both exchange pleasantries and then, not ten feet away from me, huge dog number one decides to make a number two.  Again, there are NO other people in this big park and she let’s this monster relieve himself 10 feet away!?  The worst part is that, while he’s doing his thing, he is staring at me, which just makes me AND the dog embarrassed.  I abandon my workout for a minute and let him finish, but the image of him staring at me sticks with me all day.

4)  Another morning at work.  Surprise surprise, I’m not wanting to go, but I’m not as irresponsible as I once was, so I go anyway.  I drink a lot of water before leaving my house and it starts to hit me about mid way that I really have to make pee.  I am really looking forward to arriving at my station.  I get there, skip down the stars like my feet are on fire and make my way to the rest room, only, there are three signs out front that say “Under Construction.”  I have to hold it another 25 minutes as I walk to school…I do not pee my pants, fortunately.

5)  It’s my day to do a presentation at work.  I decide to do it on kinesthesiology, even though I can’t even pronounce the word.  I figure I can do something on exercise/body movement.  I’ve got a few visitors wanting to take part, so I’m happy; I like this kind of topic.  I’m just about to start when I get one more person wanting to join, which would be fine, only this poor boy is wheelchair bound; I feel sick.  The entire presentation is on exercise and how to do different training moves at home, etc. and I can’t stop thinking about this poor kid, what was going through his mind and what the chances were that he joined THIS activity (rarely takes part in these things) with me at the helm…where did I do wrong?

6)  A bird defecated on one of my black shoes while I was working.  I threw them out (with two holes in the bottom, they had had it anyway).

I have plenty more where that came from, but those are some of the highlights, or low-lights I should say.  It wasn’t the best week ever, but I’m open for some good to happen.

I hope you all fared much better!


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