Kongs of Kongo San

Chipmunk, guide for the ages

It took six years, but I’ve finally made it to the top of Kongo San.  ‘Chipmunk,’ (Cherokee’s nickname) who on Sunday made his 61st accent, was my guide.

It wasn’t the most grueling thing I’ve ever done, but because I had gone out the nite before and had to wake up at 6am to get there on time, I wasn’t feeling as peppy as I’d hoped.  That being said, I am very happy I went.  It is so refreshing to be out in the wilderness.  The air is different, the people are different and I there is nothing made by humans quite as beautiful as what nature has to offer…for free I might add.

Sleepy, but otherwise no worse for wear

On the way down the mountain, Chipmunk and I met and older lady who had climbed Kongo San…1..0..0..0 times!  She looked the part, in a good way I mean.

At the top of the mountain you can buy a card that you can have stamped every time you make the trek.  I wasn’t planning on getting one, but Cherokee bought one for me when I wasn’t looking (thanks, amigo!).  I have exactly one red stamp on mine.

There were also people having picnics (there is a cable car on the other side for those who don’t want to climb with a grill on their back),  a small playground for children and a temple for deep people, like me (j/k), to pray at.

Here I demonstrate how to pray at a Buddhist temple.  I barely made contact with the rope bell, but the camera was rolling and the show must go on!


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