Pet Me


The Alpaca is on the left


Eight hundred thousand yen (about $9,600); that’s all it took to bring a temperamental alpaca and a penguin named, “Hum pen” to E-cube.

That the University has oodles of money to toss around on barn yard animals is obvious.  The curious bit is that the employees of one of the bigger revenue generators on campus never see any of it.  Last holiday season we were payed our holiday bonus in instant hot cocoa.  This year, there’s no telling; the sky’s the limit.


The tortoise and the white dude


It’s not my intention to sound bitter; I’m not.  I feel fortunate to have a semi-steady paycheck, even if it is only a pittance.  However, I think it’s absurd to have dished out that kind of money for a one day petting zoo in lieu of compensating myself and the other ‘natives.’  Despite that fact and the little mix up when one of the students tried to pet me, I really enjoyed having the animals around.  It was one of my happier days at work; $9,600 well spent.

Load up, men!


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