Miss right…NOW

An act of kindness or a cruel trick?  It really doesn’t matter.  Everyone had a good laugh and I’ve got another random story to share.

A few friends and I hit the town last weekend and wound up at a place


the face of innocence


with three floors.  The top floor doubled as a rooftop and when we got up there (it was far too nice to stay indoors) there looked to be a private party of sorts.  No one paid much attention to us though, so we stuck around and enjoyed the atmosphere.


trouble on the horizon...gray tank top


About thirty minutes in, I spotted a gal whom I had seen out a couple of times before.  She’s half Mexican, half Japanese and 100% easy on the eyes.  She is also very taken and her foreign boyfriend/bodyguard is very big, or least bigger than me, which is more than big enough.  I glanced over at them a few times and it appeared that she was upset, so she made her way over towards the DJ area where I, along with two others misfits, were doing something not quite like dancing.

By the looks of it, she’s intoxicated.  She also appears to have an agenda in place (principally, to make her boyfriend jealous).  As luck would have it, I was her weapon of  choice.  Comedy ensues.


and let the games begin!


My friends and the girl’s man are standing about six feet away.  I try to mouth the words “I’m sorry” to the guy and put up my hands up in hopes that he doesn’t dismantle me.  I read his lips…”It’s OK” and he seems to be laughing one of those, ‘if I punch this guy in the nose I’m going to look like a real sh long, so I guess I’ll just sit here and pretend I’m O.K. with watching my girl violate a stranger on the dance floor.’


together now...


I feel like I’m on an island, but there is a small crowd gathering to enjoy the show.  I try hard to stop grinning when she looks me in the eyes and says, in her slight Spanish accent, “ju don’t worry about hem…don’t worry!”  Only, I can’t stop worrying.  Not only am I worried about the bruiser watching my every move, but also about dropping the temptress on her head.  She was really fond of the ‘dip’ and she’d wind up performing  the move without warning at least three times.

Eventually, if memory serves me correctly, the boyfriend intervenes; a guy can only take so much.  To his credit, he was a great sport about it all and to mine, I was as much of a gentleman as one could be with a pretty girl’s legs wrapped around him.


annnnnd dip!


In the end, I suppose her little plan worked out, because the couple seemed to have patched things up shortly after he put kibosh on our performance.

And so it goes…


3 thoughts on “Miss right…NOW

  1. If I recognise that rooftop bar correctly. That’s not the first time you’ve gate crashed that private party of sorts 😀

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