Halloweenie time

sneeky rat

I’ve always had a soft spot for the mischievous season. I love the decorations, the pranks (unless they’re done to me), the costumes, the movies (Nightmare Before Christmas anyone?), the pumpkin carving and of course, the chocolate.

Most of all, I like the change of weather. In Florida, it’s usually still hot this time of year, but the temperature turns a bit sooner here. I’m sure some places do it better, but I finally have a notion of what Fall is, and that pleases me.

This month at work, we have to do a bunch of Halloween inspired

the cutest tombstones 'in the world, baby!'

activities; things like cookie decorating, face painting, Halloween movies, etc. I’m going to do pumpkin carving (one of the biggest things I miss about living in the U.S.) This photo was taken after my buddy Nathan’s activity….tombstone making; lovely.

Last Halloween season was a kind of non-event, but I hope to do better this year. Much like the Christmas, Halloween is a chance to be a kid again and who couldn’t use a little more of that?


One thought on “Halloweenie time

  1. the guy on the left was asking nathan ‘why are we doing an activity on tombstones?’ nathan was fumbling for an answer saying something like ‘errrr….because it’s halloween and they said i had to do this’.

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