The Nite was Right

My friend invited me to a Salsa event last Sunday nite.  I took a few


lessons about three or four years back, but haven’t really done much of it since, so I was kind of excited when I first heard about the party.  After a very active Saturday though (two parties, about fourteen hours worth all up), attending another gathering was the last thing on my mind.

enough talk

After a little nap and a shower, I started to perk up a bit and decided that, even though I wanted to rest, I should keep my promise and go.  Hindsight being 50/50, I can now say that I would have made a big mistake had I not gone…it was an incredible nite.

The venue was the rooftop of an older looking building near my home downtown and the weather was absolutely perfect; cool, 65F or so, clear skies (by Osaka standards anyway) and a crescent moon hanging above.  A live band provided the beat and film clips of older movies/musical performances were projected on the wall behind them.

standing room only

A party is as good as it’s guests though, and I was pleasantly surprised with the people I met.  It was a far cry from the usual disco goers; a little more upscale.  People, for the most part, were there to dance and it was a refreshing scene.  I had been in a dance hall just fifteen hours earlier and could not help but think how much more I was enjoying the salsa event.

all in

I’m sure the pictures don’t do it justice, but take my word for it when I say that it was one of the more enjoyable outings I’ve had in quite some time.  Everything just seemed ‘right’ and I am now considering taking up lessons again, just for giggles.  About half way through, I was lucky enough to see a shooting star…I wished the nite wouldn’t end.


3 thoughts on “The Nite was Right

  1. Does hindsight 50/50 mean you have 50% chance of having made the right decision in hindsight? 😉

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