The Great Pumpkin…s

Not my best work, but passable.  On Monday I’ll have my monthly activity at work.  This month I’m doing ‘pumpkin carving’ and decided I should probably do a little warm-up before the big event.  Most months I


dread doing these activities, because I have absolutely no interest in the subject matter, but carving pumpkins is a kind of passion of mine.  Rare indeed that I get a chance to actually make something with my hands and carving a pumpkin, while not the most cerebral of pursuits, fills that bill nicely.

I had planned on doing just one pumpkin, but as the sun fell, I got inspired to do one more, which turned out a bit better than the first I think.  It would be a lot easier with the right tools (I had to use the “MacGyver” method), but I managed.  If I break it down, there are probably a lot less tedious things I could be doing, but I find it relaxing.


It feels good to focus on something for a change; funny how handling a razor blade does that.  Come Monday I should have plenty more photos to share.  Until then, enjoy your weekend!


4 thoughts on “The Great Pumpkin…s

  1. Thanks amigo! I had one more that I forget to snap a picture of…think you would’ve liked it. It was a wolf howling with a full moon behind it. Owwwwwwwww!

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