‘KosPlay’ Karaoke (a borrowed title)

Captain Crunch & Coloniel Sanders

A couple of weeks ago a group of us got together for a bite to eat and wound up at a karaoke box.  There were eight at one point, but most took off before the last train, leaving Neil, Lara and I to keep the candle burning.

Scott on drums and Octopus on Scott's head


My buddy Scott, who originally had decided to head out early with the others, accidentally missed his stop and eventually found his way back to where he started…with us.

Lara in the middle


I don’t recall when exactly, but at some point the ‘Holy Spirit’he room, because Neil was suddenly overcome with the kind of overwhelming religious fervor I had only seen in movies and began ‘spreading the word’.  See for yourself.

From karaoke we skipped over to a (rotten) disco near bye.  I’m not a big fan of the place, but at the late hour, logistics being what they were, I decided to make the suggestion and (unfortunately) everyone agreed.  What can I say?  “It is what it is”…and what it is, is a piece.  I had a decent time though…I can’t speak for the others.

When Neil gets his hands on the camera. He must really like Tequila.

I didn’t sleep at all that nite and had the great idea to join the Sunday basketball gathering; big mistake.  I’m not exaggerating the least bit when I say that I felt like a real life zombie afterward.  I hadn’t eaten in I don’t know how many hours, drank and danced the nite away, played at least three games worth of fast paced ball and then stuffed my face with pizza and coke.  Two days after the fact, an incredible pain in my back had me hating life (I’ve since recovered).  And so it goes…


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