Halloween 2010 Part II

Uncle Danard and the kiddies

So, I get home from breakfast at 7am, sleep three hours, slam down a bowl of All Bran and head to my friend, Cherokee’s house, cause I (along with my buddy, Danard) promised to help him with his kid’s school, Halloween party.  I got a big coffee for the train, but it was the equivalent of trying to take down an elephant with a sling shot.  I could have used at least three more of those large sized lattes and a few shots of espresso for good measure, but I had to make do…time was ticking.

Cherokee as ‘Big Baby’

When Danard and I get to Cherokee’s, we learn that there is going to be a bit more going on than we had anticipated and that tired feeling I have compounds.  A little more food in my stomach a couple of quick slaps to the face and I pull it together for a few hours.  There were quite a few kids, but they were cute and pretty well behaved, so that made things easier.

The Brady Bunch

I left around 4:30pm and made my way back into the center of town, met Andy, Rika and Neil at Starbucks, downed another caffeinated beverage and wolfed down a mushroom and cheese sandwich (better than it sounds) and got ready to watch the band “Vampire Weekend” perform.  They were really great, but I was told by my friend’s wife that it was unusually short.  In my mind, it was just right; I was running on fumes.  It was pouring rain, but Ayumi (aforementioned buddy’s wife), Neil and I decided to grab some dinner at a Chinese place…that had horrible reggae music playing through it’s crusty speakers.  It was the perfect ending to a perfectly random, fun weekend.

‘Vampire Weekend

You have to take the good times when you can.  I hope everyone had as much fun this Halloween as I think I had!


2 thoughts on “Halloween 2010 Part II

  1. Thanks for helping out.

    None of us were in great form after partying all night. I didn’t recover until about Wednesday. Hangover + Kids = Hell.

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