Yoga and the bear

the real Yogi

At a lanky 6’1, weighing in at 165lbs, I am one of the stiffest guys I know; always have been.  I know guys a lot bigger than me that are far more flexible; Big John comes springs to mind.   He is near 6’6 and has about 4x the amount of muscle I do, yet can kick himself in the face.  I guess some people are naturally pliable…I am not one of those people.

I have toyed with the idea of doing Yoga for years, but always come up with some excuse to put it off.  My most recent reason resolves around the fact that Yoga classes in Japan are, #1) expensive and #2) taught in Japanese, which, heaven forbid, might force me to think a little.  Luckily, I put all of that to rest when I started doing some “research” (wasting time) on the internet and stumbled across a number of websites devoted to self-practice, so I’m going to give it a go and see if it doesn’t help alleviate some of the little aches and pains I’ve accumulated from sports.  Wish me luck!


7 thoughts on “Yoga and the bear

  1. That’s great! I did yoga for a few years until I got vertigo. I was never stronger or more flexible. Try the Hot yoga! Very good for you!

  2. I remember when you were doing that. How is that vertigo going? Any improvements? A nice long camping/fishing trip would cure you right up! ;0)

  3. How come I wasn’t mentioned in the “big guy’s who are flexible” argument? Good luck with the yoga. Its not for me. Too slow. I can’t handle that much inactivity for that long.

    You oughtta try and find those yoga teachers we met at the beach. Hell, I might even give it a try if they were teaching me. Grrr…

    • Chipmunk, forgive me! How could I forget, especially with that kung fu you do?

      Yes, I know what you mean. It’s the one instructor I’ve me that might be able to change our minds….good grief.

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