my favorite season in Japan

The signs are everywhere; crisper temperatures, leaves changing colors, baked sweet potatoes, to name a few.  But nothing comes as close to signaling Autumn as the sight of bad mustaches on men that have no business sporting them.  Yes indeed, ‘Movember’ is upon us!

For the uninitiated, in Australia and New Zealand, a ‘Mo’ means a mustache.  I haven’t bothered to check out the entire history and such, but from what I gather, someone in Australia started this ‘Movemeber’ fifteen years ago as a way to raise money for cancer.

l-r, Matthew, me, Kanako, Andrew and Nathan (photo taken 11-18-10)

Though we aren’t generating any money for any good cause, I thought it might be funny if I, along with some of my co-workers, gave ‘Movember’ a go.  It is day five and it’s already clear that some of us are producing far more testosterone than others (this has prompted other participants to question whether or not performance enhancers are in play?).

"beam me up!"

It has been verbally noted by a few of the participants that they are already feeling a bit uncomfortable with looking like a sleaze bag, which makes it all the more funny for me.  Time will tell who looks worst come November 30th.   :0{ )

You can check out ‘Movember’ here if you like.


*we have decided to throw in the towel as of 11-18-10.  Andy had a wedding to attend, Nathan was getting itchy, I accidentally trimmed mine too short, Matthew didn’t want to be the only guy looking like a sexual predator and Kanako was getting hit on by too many confused young men.


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