Walk down memory lane…

a girl (Rika) and her dog (Gonchyan)


Spent the afternoon in Kobe with Andy, Rika and her dog, Gonchyan(?).   We picked up her dog from her mother’s house and took him dog for, what I was lead to believe, a “twenty minute” walk to the river, only it wasn’t twenty minutes, but more like fifty, which would be fine normally, but I was wanting to throw the football around with Andy and we were running out of daylight.

Boar'ing...ok, that was a bad one

Rika showed us all of her old haunts…her elementary school, the middle school she flunked out of (j/k), etc.  Eventually we made it to the river, and along the way we were able to see this wild boar, (inoshishi in Japanese).  We also had enough sunlight left for Andy and I to throw the football.

Most importantly though, Gonchyan was able to play in the river for a little bit and he seemed happy.  In fact, he looked like he was having so much fun that I kicked off my sneakers and decided to join him. Gonchyan failed to mention that the water was near freezing, but once my feet went numb (took all of 20 seconds), it wasn’t all that bad…almost refreshing.

the great falls

birds of a feather...


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