Fall’ing out


the walk home

This is how it ends.  Another fall come and gone.  If there was any recurring theme this season, parties would be at the top of the list.  There wasn’t a weekend that passed without some kind of party/event going on.  I say this not to gloat, only to state the facts.  It was all fun and games, but I have had my fill (of course I say this as I am getting ready for a Christmas party).

the 'light' way

Coincidentally, I took these two photos on my walk home from a big nite out.  I was moving at a good clip, saw this scene unfold in the corner of my eye and hit the brakes to capture the moment.  I will miss the yellow and red shades, but am really looking forward to my trip home to Florida.


3 thoughts on “Fall’ing out

  1. Love the fall season. Miss those colours. It’s been raining non stop here for what seems like forever and then suddenly today, blue skies, no clouds, immaculate. Seems surreal after all the rain we’ve had, I’m talking swollen rivers and flooded roads is a daily occurrence. But now I’m like, holy crap it is hot here when it’s not raining, bring that rain back =D

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