Sushi Soiree


Rika and Andy were kind enough to invite a handful of people over for a sushi

first real food i'd eaten in two weeks

dinner party.  Lara and I decided to walk to their house from Umeda, which is about an hour away.  It was one of those deals where you think to yourself that too much silence might make the other person uncomfortable, so you talk more than you’d like.  A couple of days after the fact I get a message from Lara that said, in so many words, I talked too much…nice.

Anyway, it felt good to walk and listen to the sound of my own voice.  By the time

'there will be blood'...and other things

we made it to our destination I had built up quite an appetite.  The food was really delightful, although I did catch a lot of looks of disgust from the other guests when I tried getting a little too creative with my sushi rolls.  I also had to hear how I was starting to look like Daniel Day Lewis’s character in “Gangs of New York,” from a cackling Andy and Neil.

prepare for lift off! (don't try this one at least not with a 'tall boy' in hand)

After dinner we made our way into town, but not before stopping off at the local park for a little tomfoolery.  I think we all had more fun here than the bars we went to…at least I did.  I never was a fan of the bar scene.  Can’t wrap my mind around sitting in a dark, smokey room drinking; makes me claustrophobic even.

Luckily, everyone else seemed to be having a nice time, so that gave me some comfort.  I think we wound up at a dance hall, but to be honest, the way these things have been going, I can hardly separate one weekend from another?  I know I won’t be able to do this forever though, so I should probably enjoy it while I can.




7 thoughts on “Sushi Soiree

  1. draaaaaainage eli! – i never notice the daniel day-lewis resemblance before, but now you pointed it out, it’s pretty funny. too bad i couldn’t make jokes about the mo while you still had it.

  2. Brother Joe, this reminds me. Last weekend I went on a fishing charter and brought back i good size Queensfish. About 60cm. The guy that took us out said it’s one of the best sushi fish you can eat, so we took it home and cut it up and ate half of it fresh. He was right, a really good sushi fish, not a strong taste – white meat. Most sushi I’ve ever eaten in one sitting. Would cost a fortune to buy like that.

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