‘The Lockup’

Positively terrifying!

“Who has been a bad boy!?”  That was how we were greeted by the hostess, clad in a skimpy, police ‘uniform’ upon entering…’The Lockup!’ After a quick meeting, we decided Tim had been the baddest boy overall, so the ‘officer’ cuffed him and escorted us to our table.

all we're missing is the bras on our head (ala "Weird Science")

The Lockup’ is a horror/weird science/police(?) themed izakaya (drinking/eating, bar/restaurant) located in Tennoji, Osaka.

At ‘The Lockup’ there are an array of unusual looking (and tasting, as it were) alcoholic beverages with funny names like, “Frankenstein” etc. that look as though they were concocted in a dirty, back alley, and after drinking them, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume just that.  I’m getting ahead of myself though.  Customers are given the chose of choosing drinks individually or paying an extra 500yen, or so for two hours of unlimited drinks; we chose the later.

pill popper

In addition to the drinks, they also had capsules on the menu that are meant to resemble illicit drugs.  These particular ones, modeled beautifully here by Scott, were filled with a very strong, foul tasting booz.  I don’t think any of us really enjoyed them very much, but this is a novelty restaurant  after all, so we tried as much as we could in our allotted time.

It wasn’t all nasty drinks though, we ate quite a bit of food as well and thankfully, that went down a lot easier.  In fact, I would probably go back for the food alone…well, maybe not.

About midway through our dinning experience, the lights went off in the entire place and we were treated to the sounds of screams as our female police officer gave chase to a “monster” that was haunting the restaurant.  I caught a little on video.  Spoiler alert, she shoots him, bang bang, in the end.

If you are ever in the area with a group of friends, ‘The Lockup’ is definitely worth a look.  If you are a guy, be ready to announce how bad you’ve been to the hostess before your buddies beat you to it.


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