California dreaming and Time travel

Have truer words ever been written?

One week back in Japan and I am still trying to shake of the rust.  After leaving Lakeland, I stayed in San Diego for a few days to catch up with my friend Nancy and her boyfriend, Matt.  I have been to California a few times now (mostly in transit) and have enjoyed myself every time.  Of course, when you aren’t working and can do as you please, that’s not hard to imagine.  There was something special about San Diego though and I can see why it puts so many under it’s spell.  The allure of clear skies, the beach and beautiful weather are hard to ignore.

In any event, I can’t thank Nancy and Matt enough for showing me such a good time!  Nancy is in the midst of a Master’s degree in architecture and Matt is running his own health business, so I know they had to re-arrange their busy schedules to accommodate me; thank you guys!

Exam time (Kanako took this photo)

This week, the students began taking their final exams and our work place is extremely quiet.  Hence, there is not much to occupy ourselves with; ‘idle hands…’

My buddy Cherokee bought an iphone over the holidays and roped me into joining this photo sharing program called “Instgram.”  Basically it’s like “Twitter,” but with photos instead of text.


Here are a few shots I’ve taken at work (with exception to the one above, which my co-worker Kanako took).  It’s amazing what you do when you are bored…and I AM bored.  Luckily I have fun co-workers.  We try to keep the mood light and keep ourselves sane with a near constant banter.

Godzilla is back and he's coming for YOU!


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