The Great Osaka Blizzard of 2011

Snow Camo

*(Please note that this has been sitting idle for months)

It’s here…run for your lives!  We got  a little, white surprise TWICE over the last couple of weeks; a real treat.  It probably isn’t a big deal to most, but when you grow up in Florida, as I did, it means a whole lot more.

My walk to work is not the most scenic routhe you’ll come across.  In fact, it’s downright ugly.  I may have mentioned this in a past post, but it bares repeating…JR Nagase, which is the station get off at to walk to work, has got to be the “Un-official, Dog Crap Capital of Japan.”  Someone please look this up!

2044 Olympic Park

In an otherwise neat population, the residents of this part of town don’t seem too concerned with feces decorating their sidewalks.  With the blanket of snow covering it, all those blemishes disappear;  I dare say it was beautiful.  Next time it’s snowing in Nagase, go see for yourself…just don’t go sifting through the snow.


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