A love letter

Dear Japan,

It went by in a flash, though it didn’t always seem so.  We shared some wonderful times, but it wasn’t always a bed of roses.  I’ve been back in ‘the colonies’ for 17 days including today and I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss you sometimes.

Adopted 'San'

I miss how you would let me go out to meet my friends without a moments notice, how you prepared all those tasty dishes I loved so much, the freedom you gave me, that special language that we shared; even if I didn’t always know what you were trying to say.  I miss those pretty ‘Sakura’ you put out every Spring; even it they didn’t last long, the way you made me feel unique, the long walks we shared at all hours of the nite with the anticipation that there was always something interesting awaiting us around the corner.  Yes indeed, there are many things I will miss about you.

Yet, I am happy we parted ways.  Please don’t take that the wrong way.  Perhaps


happy is the wrong word; relieved is more accurate.  You see,  I care for you very much, but I knew we weren’t right for each other; not at this stage in my life.  As great as you are, you had your bad points too.  I’m sure there was more I could have done, but I grew tired of the games and I knew deep down that if I didn’t move on now, I never would have and I couldn’t have handled that in my soul.  We were comfortable, but complacent and that isn’t what I wanted.

I know you cared for me too, but I also know that there are others, much younger and more eager than I, who really want to meet you.  You will have absolutely no problem finding someone new to bewitch, of that I’m sure.  I envy those people.

Well Wishes from some wonderful friends

We have gone our separate ways for now, but I will never forget the times we’ve shared and the ways you changed me.  I sincerely hope we meet again.

With Love,


P.S.  a place is only as good as it’s people and the people I have met over the years in Japan made my experience what it was.  I would love to show you everyone’s pictures and tell you all about them, but that would take a lifetime.  Thank ALL of you!


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