Give me the sloppiest thing you’ve got!

Raley Stadium, home of the River Cats

A couple weeks ago Russ and I, along with his friend’s, attended a “River Cats” game near Old Sacramento.  “The Sacramento River Cats” is the name of the local Triple A baseball team and there home games are held in Raley Stadium.  It was a little on the chilly side that night and I’m not a huge baseball fan anymore, but it was a pleasant outing nonetheless.

Since it’s not everyday you go to a Cats game at Raley stadium, I decided to sample the stadium’s famous double bacon cheeseburger, that uses doughnuts in place of bread.  It sounds vile and is easily one of the most heart un-friendly things you can put in your body, but I enjoyed every bite of it!

Russ's buddy, J.D. and I

While inhaling my donut burger, I laid eyes on a hot dog that looked more like a baseball bat and people were wolfing those down all of the place.  And we wonder why we’re so huge in this country?

Since I’ve been back in the states, I’ve found myself falling into the same trap as everyone else, so I’d better be careful of what I say, lest I be called a hypocrite.  I’ll admit that there is something very satisfying about eating junk food sometimes, but the degree to which we (I’m speaking to myself too) consume it in this country is mind boggling.  At least I haven’t yet lost my good dental hygiene habits.

The American Dream


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