“West bound and Up” Part IV: Park City, Utah

Sunday June 20th, 2011; Vail, CO to Park City, UT

So, we leave for Park City and the drive through Colorado is…inspiring! Looking back, this leg of the trip was probably my favorite.  We took a road that was off the beaten path and drove through miles and miles of undeveloped land.  There were mountains, rivers, rolling hills, animals…it really was a spectacular, in a subtle kind of way.

On the way to Park City, UT

We arrived in Park City, where John’s family holds a time share, late in the evening.  I had been there once before 12 years ago, a few months removed from university.  It was great to be back.

Park City was just as I remembered it except this time it was covered in green instead of white.  Even though it was Spring, the evenings were chilly enough to wear a jacket.  One of the nicest parts of visiting a place like this is that the air is so “crisp.”  There are times in the South were you feel as if you’re trying to breath while wearing a burlap sack over your head, which is not a comfortable sensation, but in the mountains all you get is pure O2.

Our first night there we went out to eat at a place downtown.  I had a few fish tacos that were surprisingly tasty.  After dinner we went back to the pad to relax.  After Vail, we got a little spoiled.  Our digs in Park City weren’t exactly roughing it though, as we each had our own queen sized beds in our own rooms.

We stayed in Park City two nites.  In that span we ate some good food, had a couple of reduced alcohol drinks downtown (Utah isn’t big on booze), relaxed in the hot tub and got some downhill mountain biking in.  I can’t say I really enjoyed the biking that much, cause I thought I was going to kill myself on more than one occasion.  In retrospect, I think we, or at least “I”, was on a course that was a little too advanced for me.  That being said, I made it through the day in one piece and didn’t fall at all. ;o)

Next stop(s)…Bryce Canyon, UT, Las Vegas, NV, Venice, CA and finally, Sacramento, CA!


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