My favorite movie of 2011

I am an unapologetic movie nut; always have been.  Since I watch so many movies I now believe (mistakingly perhaps) that I know quality when I see it.  Of course “opinions are like…..” and who am I to separate the good from the bad?  Am I not the same person who still laughs hysterically at “Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment” despite having seen it in excess of 30 times?  I can’t deny that I enjoy the low brow stuff every now then.  It’s not unlike a health fanatic who craves a McDowell’s meal.  The point is, I think I am pretty open minded when it comes to movies; if I like something, I like it.

“HUGO,” by Martin Scorsese, was my #1 film of 2011.  My friend Jared suggested we go see it and I walked into the theater without having any preconceptions, which is hard to do these days, because lengthy previews are awaiting around every corner.  With that in mind, I am not going to tell you anything about it, except that I found it moving.  I don’t say this about a lot of movies, so if you get a chance to see “HUGO,” especially in the theater, please do; it will be worth your while.


4 thoughts on ““HUGO”

  1. Why no option to leave a comment on your two previous posts? I guess I’ll just keep commenting on this one. I, too, loved this movie. BEST movie of the year? Hmmm…honestly….It’s a toss up between “Hugo” and “Bucky Larsen”! LOL. That’s a joke….so was “Bucky Larsen”. But I guess that was the point.

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