Hot of the press (5 days ago) News!

Pop the sparkling cider (booze is frowned upon in my new country of service)!  I received my Peace Corps paperwork in the mail last Wednesday.  I had been busy getting sun burned at the beach all day with my buddy Jared, so he was there to film in the big news when I got home.  I know mom and Jared were anxious, but I think Eddie (our dog) was the most excited; you can hear him barking in the background.


9 thoughts on “Hot of the press (5 days ago) News!

  1. Woohoo!! Indonesia will be great. How exciting.
    Eddie wasn’t excited, he was saying “Don’t leave! Ruff!!” 🙂

  2. hehe, maybe you’re right. What the heck, I’m going to take him! Aside from being a (too) good watch dog, he would make for a nice pillow 😛

  3. LOL. I love the drum roll !!! Classic! I was laughing out loud. I’m still laughing. Not sure why. It just struck me funny. Haha. Indonesia? Hmmm. I really think your going to Mongolia. I was really feeling Mongolia. I still think there was a mix-up. You’re Mongolia bound.

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