Alaska; the final frontier, 2012

B.A. (before Alaska), taken moments ago.

It’s been THE question for the last several weeks; should I or shouldn’t I?  Well, as of last week I’ve decided, yes indeed, I should!  I have eight weeks before I part for Indonesia and my cousin Gayle, who lives in a cabin on 80 acres somewhere near Fairbanks, AK has graciously offered to put me up for a while.  Alaska is another one of those places I’ve always wanted to visit, so I am really excited about the trip.  I’ve spent the last few days squirreling away cold weather clothing so I don’t freeze to death.  The coldest it’s gotten in my part of Florida this past year was around 35 degrees F and I have spotted a couple of -50 degree F in Fairbanks over the last couple of weeks; should be interesting.  I’m planning to bring my computer so that I can update this while I’m there.  I’ve also decided to not shave until I come back to Florida on March 5th (today, February 1st, was my last shave).


8 thoughts on “Alaska; the final frontier, 2012

  1. Cool! Literally. Hope to see you before you depart … but if not, now I know where to go for a Joe fix!

  2. wish i could do the same but a little far for me to travel 😦
    sounds great joe. alaska would be awesome. have always wanted to see the northen lights. enjoy! xox

    • Nancy, you aren’t suggesting I run through the Alaskan woods naked, are you!? The last thing Alaska needs is another “icicle.” :oP I’ll do my best though.

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