Beard Update

A balanced diet? ah ah ahhhhh!

I’m a week into the Alaska preparation and, it hurts me to say this; my beard has been a disappointment.  Perhaps I’m not getting enough fatty acids in my diet?  No one will argue that “Count Chocula” cereal is delicious, but healthy?  Since my diet isn’t doing it, perhaps I should try one of the many over the counter products available for follicle challenged men?  Rub a little “Rogaine” on my chin and see what happens?  Or, maybe I’ll just accept things as they are.  After all, I’m going for three weeks, not the rest of my life.  If worst comes to worst, I’ve seen some pretty realistic stick-ons.

Day 7

In other “news,” I went with the boys last nite for the weekly movie outing to see “Breaking Dawn.”  *please note that there is only one option at this theater.  It’s been roughly 20 hours since my senses were overwhelmed with that ill conceived, poorly acted, empty piece of (fill in your own expletive).  I’ve seen a lot of movies and many of the movies I’ve seen haven’t been anything to write home about, but this “Breaking Dawn” was so bad I thought I should mention it.  I jokingly said afterward that I was going to go home and scrub my eyeballs; that’s how strongly I felt (I never did wash the eyeballs, but I thought about it!).  Oh well, you win some and you get raked over the coals by others.


5 thoughts on “Beard Update

  1. Would you rather pay to watch a terrible movie, or get paid to speak to the venerable residents of Nagase? It’s Open to the Public Day from today and your excoworkers need you now more than any time. Good to read your updates. Keep it up.

    • haha Stefinator! Good to hear from you, partner! That’s a tough question you posed, but I’ll answer as honestly as I possibly can. I miss you and the crew, but I’ve done my hard time ;o) I hope you make it through in one, mental piece! Tell everyone hello for me and thanks for keeping up; motivates me to keep it going.

      God speed! 🙂

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